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Connect Your Audio Interface to Your Mofones with Our Latency-Free, Low-Noise, Balanced Stereo Cable
Mofonix Balanced Stereo Input Cable
The Mofones 20-Foot Balanced Stereo Input Cable has 1/4” balanced plugs to connect to your audio interface output jacks, and a locking 5-pin mini-XLR plug which connects to your Mofones balanced stereo input. It provides a durable and flexible sheath around multiple miniature wires, combining them into a multi-cable snake.
Two independently-balanced miniature Mogami® W2697 lines snaked together in a Techflex® protective sheath combine high tensile strength and flexibility into a durable roadworthy design. The snag-free exterior makes for wonderful handling and easy bundling.
High-Strand-Count Copper Wire

Mofones 20-Foot Balanced Stereo Input Cable

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Heat-Shrink Color: Red
Cable Heat-Shrink Color: Red Heat-Shrink Color: Yellow Heat-Shrink Color: Black Heat-Shrink Color: Blue Heat-Shrink Color: Green Heat-Shrink Color: White
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Stereo Balanced Quarter-Inch Mini 5-Pin XLR
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