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Our App Turns any Core-Audio Interface into Stereo Mixes for Performers, Front of House, and Recording
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Your $2.99 monthly or $29.99 annual subscription to the Mofonix App in the iOS App Store or the macOS App Store enables you to mix all of the mono audio input channels of your compatible audio interface to each stereo pair of outputs as independently-controllable mixes.

The main screen of the Mofonix App displays mixers in horizontal rows, with mono input channels in columns on the left and stereo output channels on the right. Inputs are scrollable if there isn't enough room to show them all at once, and the stereo outputs are always visible.

Mofonix Navigation Buttons

At the top of the main screen are the Zoom buttons, the Info button, the Connect button, the Add button, and the Organize button.

The Info button contains a link to the Mofonix Corporation website as well as additional information about the app. Use the Connect screen to enable Bluetooth wireless control of a single mix (on the "host" or "bandleader" device) using another device also running the Mofonix App. The Add button is used to create a new .Mix file with the appropriate number of inputs and outputs for the current audio configuration, and the Organizer is a screen for managing .Mix files.

Mofonix macOS
The first time you run the app you will be asked to allow the Mofonix App to capture audio. When you connect or disconnect a compatible audio interface to your device while running the Mofonix App, the app queries the device to determine the number of input and output channels. If the new audio configuration contains a different number of input or output channels, the most recently opened .Mix file with the appropriate number of inputs and outputs is opened. If there is no file in the Mofonix Documents Directory with the appropriate number of inputs and outputs, a new .Mix file is created.

For example, if your audio interface features four mono audio inputs and six mono audio outputs, the Mofonix app will create three independently-controllable stereo mixes, with the six mono outputs split into three pairs. Each of these stereo mixes has independent control over the amount of each of the four mono inputs.
This example might represent a three-piece band comprised of two mono instruments and one stereo instrument as the four inputs, with each performer enjoying (and controlling) their own stereo headphone mix. Connecting an 8-input/8-output audio interface will cause Mofonix to create four stereo output mixers, with each having an eight-channel mix of the inputs.

Double-tap a fader to set it immediately all the way down. Double-tap a Pan or Balance control to set it immediately to the center.

Press and hold to change the title of an input or output channel.

App Store subscription is required to allow control of your audio, however subscription is not required to remotely control a mix on another device.

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Mofonix App for iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS
Mofonix App for iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS